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High Speed Full Automatic Cup Forming Machine (Max. Speed : 180 pcs/min., Max Cup Height :133 mm)

Factory's Outside View

Factory's Outside View

Factory's Inside View

Factory's Inside View

Friday, June 7, 2013

Your Inquiry on High Speed Full Automatic Paper Cup Forming Machine (Read essentially)

Dear our clients worldwide,

First of all, thank you so much for visiting our company’s website and will try all of our best to do serve you consistently as your reliable business partner in the near future.

Our factory was established in 1979 and has been ranked as top 1 in Korea and top 3 worldwide in the field of Paper Packaging Machinery for its highest technology, heavy-duty & solid-state controls, machine's outstanding performance and long run operation. Therefore, we have been exporting various high speed cup machinery (for 2.5oz to 110 oz, Instant Noodle & Popcorn cups) especially for our top class clients (largest famous food companies) and paper cup factories worldwide in USA, EU, Japan, China, Taiwan, Middle East, and etc.

As our top class high speed cup forming machines (Max. 180 pcs/min) have the following advantages against low class cup machines (Max 60pcs/min.) and if you wish to be top  or leading supplier in your market, we strongly recommend you to use high speed cup machines at your initial factory project because you can win your main competitors with higher productivity only. Otherwise you can not only survive in this tough market but also get no profit finally and will disappear in your business field. 

It is a tough reality in the paper cup market.  Never forget it from now on  :
1) shall reduce production line workers & their wages.
2) shall decrease machine’s quantity and the related land space.
3) can cut down indirect costs actually to more than 10 times due to highest productivity, long run production (Lifetime : more than 30 years, 24 hours daily operation) and reducing workers' wages & land space.
4) Quick change of cup mold set (by cup size) & adjustment.
5) You can get finally compensated for the machine’s full book value within the shortest certain period (within maximum  5 years) subject to full operation.
6) Our machines are the state-of-the-art & heavy duty and solid state controlled machinery, which has been used in well known top class & largest food companies and paper cup factories worldwide for life time, more than 30 years.
The Machine operation is controlled simply and easily  by "TOUCH PANEL".
7) Major electrical parts, i.e, Invertor, PLC, Servo motor & Amp., Cam positioner & etc., are used with Mitsubishi, Japanese brand. 
If you have any inquiry on our machinery in regard to our quotation, we would appreciate your kind comments below to guide you to the right direction and to lead you to the great business success  :

1. Are you a existing paper cup manufacturer, cup factory planner or trading company  ? 

2. What is your target monthly production plan (9, 18, 24 hours operation by day) of our paper cup  machine ?
   and what is your exact paper cup size (i.e.7 oz, for Hot drink, Cold drink and Hot & Cold drink only) you want to produce ?

For your reference, our machines (Hi Master 500) can produce approximately 4.0-4.5 millions of cups (Maximum. 180 pcs/min)  monthly  based   on  24 hours daily working. It can produce highest quality paper cups (height 133 mm at maximum to height 40 mm at minimum, 3 OZ-24 OZ, 90 CC-720CC).To produce the various sizes of cups, you should need and purchase extra cup mold set separately. The cup mold is made up of approx. precise and heavy duty  70 main parts. In addition, our high speed cup machines covers 110 oz at Maximum

3.  When do you make a decision on purchasing machine and when do you plan initial operation with new machine ?

4.  Prior to your final order decision, you are kindly requested to visit our factory at your earliest convenience.

5. Finally, prior to our quote, please be sure to let us know your maximum budget on the machine investment, company name, full address, Tel or Mobile  numbers, direct email and Mobile messenger (i.e, whatsapp, viber) and  website (if any) for mutual trust.

6. Videos for Paper cup forming machines for 60-80 pcs/min.:

Cup machine 6oz ,
Cup machine 12oz,
Cup machine 16oz,
Cup machine 20oz,
Cup machine 32oz,

Double wall (sleeve) cup machine 8oz,

70oz Bucket cup machine,


Noodle cup machine 26oz,


Meantime, If you have any query, please feel free to contact us directly at any time so that we can work together as your best business partner to lead to your great business success in the near future.

Yours sincerely, 

Edward E.S. Tark
Managing Director

Direct Tel. : +82-(0)70-7578-6674
Fax.         : +82-2-2677-0130
Mobile      : +82-(0)10-2206-6674
Skype ID  : Edward.Eunsung.Tark

Mobile Messenger : whatsapp (or Viber, Telegram)

  Buyer from USA visiting factory & sales meeting 

                                                  European & Middle East Buyers  visiting factory

                                                            Factory's outside & Inside views 


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