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High Speed Full Automatic Cup Forming Machine (Max. Speed : 180 pcs/min., Max Cup Height :133 mm)

Factory's Outside View

Factory's Outside View

Factory's Inside View

Factory's Inside View

Thursday, August 2, 2012

(Video) Thermoforming Machine (for Plastic Cup, Lid of paper cups, Flower pots, etc)

 Production Video for Plastic Lid  (Cap) of paper cups

Production Video for Flower pots

High Speed Air-pressure Thermoforming MC for Cup, Lid, Lunch box, Flower pot, PS Foam & etc.

-. Applications : disposable product
   cup, cup lid, yogurt cup, tray, dish, plate, fast food box, lunch box, flower pots, PS foam, etc.
-. Material: PP, PS, PE, HIPS, ABS, PVC, BOPS, etc
-. Built-in forming + Cutting + Punching + Counting/Stacking unit & conveyor belt, auto packing
-. Mono or 2 color sheet extruder
-. Super uniformed thickness consistency of whole formed area through high pressure & vacuum
-. Precise and accurate computer heating control System (Upper & lower ceramic heater)
-. Highest productivity and energy efficiency
-. Convenient and user-friendly touch screen
-. Customized forming size available
-. Customized molds available

We have been exporting a wide range of Thermoforming Machines to over 20 countries worldwide.

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